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2006-10-04 - 12:23 a.m.

Hello my friends. Yes yes. It is time for me to type and for me to demand you to be interested in what I have to say. Interesting. If you know me, I am not THAT vain. Well....I guess maybe I am.

So, what is new in my life? New company, which means new responsibilities, new stresses, new things to piss me off and so, new reason for me to want to quit and play World of Warcraft 24 hours a day. I am slowly beginning to hate my job, but I won't bore with details, I'll just say I would rather be forced to sit on a chair with a 12" dildo, with no pants, and no lube, while a big fat guy shits on my lap, have all the hair pulled, yes pulled off of my body, be punched repeatedly in the face my monkies, and have a robot who rubs vaseline on my naked body while I try not to cry while my dog chews on my.....I sense I've gone too far. I think I will stop there and move to something different before I get arrested or all that shit comes true.

I noticed something about the internet. You have a huge group of people, all of them midly intelligent, who when they got on the computer and have that anonymity, they change into fucking douche bags. You could be talking to your own brother and you will hear at least one burn about your mom every 5 minutes, and be called a faggot at least twice before the conversation ends. I firmly believe that is why the internet was invented. So we can share jokes about famous people's deaths, your mom comebacks, and faggot calling. To prove my point, go out and google, your mother whore and you tell me this is not what the internet was invented for. You say no way, but I say 5,940,000 websites say yes. Interesting? I thought so.

So I had this typed up and forgot to post it and now....I have no job. Oh and I moved sites. Diaryland is cool and all.....oh it's not. So I am moving. I am here now. I will be updating that blog there whenever I feel like it. I have pictures posted of myself and my dog's too. So feel free to stalk me, add me to friends, whatever. That is all. Later dingleberries.....forever.

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